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  • Does Huneed Technologies have an open recruitment period?
    Huneed Technologies is currently operating open recruitment periods for high school(technical high school) and college graduates twice a year. For experienced applicants, recruitment periods differ by department. Please refer to the hiring board.
  • What are the requirements for college graduates, entry-level applicants, and experienced applicants?
    For entry-level applicants, anyone who has graduated with a degree in a relevant major for the position may apply, as long as they are not exempt by law from travelling overseas. For experienced applicants, the requirements for each position differ so please refer to the job descriptions found within each listing. Some experience and/or knowledge in relevant areas is required for all positions.
  • How long is the recruitment period?
    휴니드의 채용 절차는 실무/임원 면접이 동시에 진행됨에 따라 지원자님들께 48시간 내 면접 결과 및 최종 합격을 목표로 진행되고 있습니다.
  • I don't see any listings for jobs I'm interested in. Can I still send in my resume?
    Yes. Please email your resume to our hiring manager at When a suitable position becomes available, our hiring managers regularly reach out to applicants in our talent pool. * For sales, R&D, PM, ME, and QA positions, Hunned is accepting applications at all times.
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