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Scalable Facility

Huneed boasts a 27,017m2 cutting-edge, facility based in the Incheon Free Economy Zone (IFEZ), Korea.


The open-floor design allows for flexible production areas that can be scaled based on projects to create seamless work flows. From mass commercial production to smaller high-mix low-volume, our facilities is ready supply our customers quickly and with maximum efficiency .

In addition, Huneed is the only in-country supplier with Boeing Defense (BDS) and Commercial (BCA) specification and process implementation.

Avionics and Defense Electronics [Communication & Data Link System]

  • State-of-the-art SMT production line for the AH FCC program.

  • Missile Warning Receiver

  • The tactical HF/VHF/UHF radio and the High-Capacity Trunk Radio System (HCTRS) programs.

Airborne Electrical Systems

  • EPAs and WHAs

State-of-the-art Manufacturing 

As a trusted partner, Huneed works closely with Boeing DS, Airbus and other OEMs that continuously invest in our manufacturing capabilities.

Our latest investment in an advanced automated SMT assembly line is producing Flight Control Computers for Airbus Helicopters Q3 2017.


All necessary equipment required for AVIONICS, EPA and WHA projects are constantly updated and checked to ensure proper working order.

Furthermore, Huneed possess the tools and equipment for tactical communication radio equipment assemblage, including board-level assemblies, complete assembly of LRU, ATEs, and ESS equipment within the facility.




Nurturing The Next Generation Specialists

Supplier workforce scalability is a concern for today's aerospace OEMs. As stewards of our partner's brand we at Huneed know what’s at stake. To deliver on this responsibility, we look to our people as the primary engines of value generation.

Huneed for the past 2 years has pioneered a sustainable approach to the challenges of scalability.


  • Skilled production operators are recruited through highly competitive Korean government-run specialized technical schools (Meister Schools).


  • Through the tutelage of Huneed Core Masters- seasoned professionals with an average of 20 years of experience within their area of expertise, an average operator is able to catch-up to 15+ years of experience within 3 short years.

  • These Core Masters serve leadership roles, not as managers but as teachers with a mission to nurture, grow and transfer their knowledge to members of the team enabling quick and seamless scaling.

  • This innovative process has resulted in 20% cost savings for touch labor without sacrificing quality.


  • With annual matriculation rates at 650 students, Huneed is able to scale and recruit top of the class, future operators.


  • Huneed-Boeing process is part of their current lessons as Huneed was asked to develop a portion of the curriculum for the schools.

  • Huneed Core Masters program has now been introduced to mechanical engineering, procurement, quality control and program management teams.

  • What further separates Huneed from our competitors is the level of executive leadership support for continued improvements in seeking better technologies that will drive better processes. 

  • Currently we are working to migrate to a new ERP platform that will give us more transparency and visibility in our operations.

  • Continued software feature upgrades to the manufacturing execution system (MES), ensures peak level operator performance and enhanced part traceability. 

  • Our R&D team is hard at work and on track  to obtain CMMI level 5 certification. 

Manufacturing IT Platforms






A Proven Electrical Systems Manufacturer

As the largest and most advanced manufacturer of wire harnesses and cable assemblies in Korea, Huneed produces simple to very complex wire harnesses and electrical panels assemblies for global OEMs. 


We specialize in high mix products with low to medium volumes delivering cost-effective solutions for your electrical system needs. 
With state-of-the-art tools that include laser wire marking, our equipment assures high quality and competitive pricing for systems control, electrical connectivity, testing and support on numerous aircraft and equipment platforms. 
We offer on-specification build to print services for any size production.

Expertise in Avionics Electronics Manufacturing Service

Huneed leverages 47 years of PCB assembly (electronic manufacturing service) know-how from our military radio programs for our aerospace customers.
Our state-of-the-art ESM facility is certified for ESD processes using IPC standards for both leaded and Lead-Free work areas. In addition, our new SMT line facility combined with diagnostic and/or functional testing can handle high mix products with low to medium volumes. 
Automated, through-hole, BGA and surface-mount assembly, combined with no-clean soldering techniques enables us to provide the aerospace industry with the products and services they require.  

PCB EMS Capabilities 

  • Pick & Place Machine (SMT Line)

  • Select Coating

  • Zero-Ion Testing

  • Dip Soldering

  • Lead Cutting

  • Flux Auto Spraying

  • Wave Soldering

  • Vapor Degreasing

  • Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering

  • Depanneling

Electrical Panel Assemblies In Progress

Huneed is currently manufacturing EPAs for the US F-15 Eagle, the F/A-18 Hornet, and the H-47 Chinook programs.


In total 159 types of EPAs are being produced at the Huneed facility.

EPA Capabilities 

  • Laser Marking

  • Electrical Bonding & Termination

  • ATE (Continuity, High Voltage)

  • Silicon Sealing & Oven Curing

  • Paint Touch Up

  • Safety Wiring

Wire Harness Assemblies In Progress

Huneed is currently manufacturing 65 types of WHAs for various F-15 programs around the world.

For the past 10 years, Huneed has consistently complied with Boeing SSOW and process requirements.

WHA Capabilities 

  • Termination

    • Coaxial & Braided)

  • Braiding

    • Metal & Fabric

  • Sealing & Potting

  • Automatic Test Equipment

    • Continuity

    • Resistance

    • High Voltage



Boeing Certificates

Huneed received DPD/MBD certification (D6-51991 Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition at Boeing Suppliers) in March 2013 and special tooling certification (D950-11059-1) in Apr 2014 from Boeing. 


All Huneed Boeing project team members received RCCA training certificates after training under a Boeing CA specialist.

Boeing DS and Boeing CA Specifications

Huneed has worked closely with Boeing for the past 10 years to ensure that Huneed is up to date on all necessary specification training. All EPA operators must be qualified for all 49 process standards and training as listed below:


*NOTE: Please use the scroll bar to see the full list or use the search function.



Quality & Environment Management

AS9100 Rev.C
ISO 14001

Soldering Certificates

1 ME and 2 QE certified on J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 respectively, and they are entitled to provide periodic & occasional internal trainings to operators for soldering skill improvement.