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End-to-End Line of Sight Solutions

From engineering,  to manufacturing, and support, Huneed provides  secure, reliable and cost-effective mission-critical radio communications systems for the military.
We offer a diverse portfolio of communication equipment to the Korean Armed Forces and can work with international governments to meet and exceed the most rigorous target requirements.

High Capacity Trunk Radio System (HCTRS)

Designed for military forces that must operate under Network-centric Warfare battlefield environments, Huneed’s HCTRS serves as the wireless communication backbone of the ROK Armed Forces’ next generation Tactical Information and Communication Network (TICN).  


At speeds of 45 Mbps, Huneed’s HCTRS has the ability to send large data files over Line-of-Site distances of up to 45 kilometers in real-time.

High Speed Wireless Transmission Equipment (HSWTE)

Serving both the military and commercials sectors, the  HSWTE is capable of transmitting communication and imaging data at a speed of 100Kbps. 

  • Standard Ethernet Network connection enabled

  • ALL-IP based network enabled

  • Providing APC (Automatic Power Control), AFC (Automatic Frequency Conversion), Spectrum Scan and Remote Control Function

  • Light-weight and compact design

  • Suitable for an antenna mast mounting operation