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Huneed Technologies, Participating in LAH Program

"Business Cooperation with KAI: The Largest Domestic Aircraft System Integrator" Huneed Technologies (Chairman Eugene Kim/ KOSPI 005870, announced that it has entered into the development contract of Master Warning Panel (MWP) and Caution Warning Panel (CWP) for Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), the largest domestic aircraft system integrator. The warning panels as part of main avionics systems that are installed in the aircraft cockpit to ensure aircraft safety. The visual indications of warning on aircraft engine, fire/extinguishment, flight control, landing and more will enable a pilot to easily recognize the alert in any aircraft operational environments immediately to take appropriate action. Huneed, a domestic Aerospace and Defense (A&D) specialized company, has established strategic partnerships with top global A&D companies, Airbus and Boeing since 2006 and now has successfully set a milestone to enter into domestic aerospace market by having a direct business cooperation with KAI. Having this opportunity Huneed will continue to expand its business into both domestic and overseas market. In addition, based on manufacturing capabilities and experience of supplying avionics equipment and components to Boeing, that is currently the second largest shareholder of Huneed, it is determined to successfully conduct the development of MWP and CWP to take its growth to the next level. Eugene Kim, Chairman of Huneed, mentioned that “Our company is planning to extend this development opportunity to mass production phase of LAH program with KAI. Huneed is currently in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters to manufacture and export Electrical System for Light Civil Helicopter (LCH) program and we would like to make progress in cooperating with KAI for LAH electrical system manufacturing as well. It can be expected that Huneed will continue to grow in both domestic and overseas aerospace market through firm business cooperation with the largest domestic aircraft system integrator, KAI”.


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