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Reach Us

Reach Us

HQ : 87, Venture-ro, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon

TEL: 032-457-6000  FAX: 032-457-6040

  • by car


1st Gyeongin Expressway (To Incheon)

Incheon IC exit (the end of Gyeongin Expressway No. 1) → Turn left (in the direction of Songdo New City) → Continue straight (Haean road) → Turn right in the direction of Songdo 2nd Bridge 'Free Economic Zone-Songdo' → Go straight about 2.3km → Turn left at Kyobo IDC Intersection → Approx. Go straight 500m → <Huneed Technologies> on the left


2nd Gyeongin Expressway (To Incheon or Seoul)

Exit Munhak IC (Free Economic Zone-Songdo direction) → Munhak Tunnel → Go straight at Cheonghak Intersection → Go straight about 600m → Cheongnyang Tunnel → Dongchun Tunnel → Go straight about 2.7km → Turn left at Kyobo IDC Intersection → Go straight about 500m → <Huneed Technologies> on the left


3rd Gyeongin Expressway (To Incheon)

Gojan Underpass → Go to City Hall/Free Economic Zone-Songdo → Songdo 1st Bridge → Go straight for about 2.3km → Pass the GUDEL building and turn right onto Incheon University Road at the first three-way intersection → After entering, turn right at the first intersection → After entering, turn left at the first intersection → <Huneed Technologies> on the right


  • use of public transport



7-minute walk from BIT Zone Station, Exit 2, on Incheon Subway Line 1



City Bus No. 6B, No. 6A, No. 6-1A, No. 6-1B City Bus 'Celltrion Co., Ltd.' stop

Seat Bus 780, Express Bus 909, 91, 92 City Bus 'BIT Zone Complex Area' stop



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