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Huneed, Re-certified ‘CMMI Level 4’ Three Times

Huneed Technologies (Eugene Kim, Chairman /, KOSPI 005870) has announced that they re-certified three consecutive times for the Level 4 of CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) that is the international R&D standards of entire R&D capability assessment on 24th of June. CMMI is the certification of software and system quality management and IT management model that developed by SEI (Software Engineering Institute) of the Carnegie Mellon University. The CMMI is internationally recognized model for the R&D capability and maturity on the quality management practice and activities of software development and operation procedures. After obtaining a CMMI Level 3 certification in 2005, Huneed acquired CMMI Level 4 certification as the first Company among domestic defense SMEs. In addition, the market acknowledged its high technological level on the international standards through re-authentication of CMMI level 4 in 2013. Since then, top-level researchers of Huneed has been focused on the R&D process internalization innovation based on a CMMI perspective. The level 4 re-certification may have a great meaning because CMMI is being used as bidding eligibility criteria of the international IT project. It is presented as a prerequisite for participation in national and international projects and product supply. Eugene Kim, Chairman of Huneed, commented “CMMI Level 4 recertification for three consecutive times means a lot to the global R&D capabilities recognition of Huneed as a result of continuous quality innovation through its R&D activities. It laid the foundation to drive the highest level of CMMI Level 5 certification in the future.”


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