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Huneed, Succeed the Localization of Airbus MWR Core Components in Shortest Period of Record

Huneed Technologies (Eugene Kim, Chairman /, KOSPI 005870) signed the core electronic components localization production & export contract for the Missile Warning Receiver (MWR) of Korean Utility Helicopter (KUH) with Airbus Defence and Space, Europe in the past year as part of the Korean offset project and Huneed successfully built the Missile Launch Detection System (MILDS) production line in just four months, and achieved its initial production in 5 weeks, within the shortest period in record. Huneed was introduced as an excellent global cooperation in the Airbus in-house intranet and the result means significant that carried out in the first project in cooperation with Airbus, major aviation partner. Airbus praised the perfect business cooperation and record-breaking business execution speed of Huneed. KUH project is a project currently in mass production progress after the completion of domestic development in 2012 with investment of a total of 1.3 trillion., and is developed since 2006 to replace the aging helicopters such as UH-1H, 500MD that have been operated for more than 30 years in our military. MWR that Huneed succeed in localization, mounted on helicopters to capture the missile signal from the ground in shortest possible time and is one of the electronic warfare equipment that support to avoid risk of the aircraft and more than 7,000 products sold all over the world. Huneed will offer sustainable production for the Surion of ROK Army as well as the international export of Airbus. Huneed was recognized for its ability as a global business partner of Airbus through the performance and built the foundation to expand medium and long term projects with variety of aerospace and defense products with Airbus. In this regard, Eugene Kim, Chairman of Huneed, commented, “We are pleased about this achievement; it is based on Huneed’s ability built up as an Asia region strategic partner of the global aerospace industry. And we appreciate to Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) for actively given support in our offset participation and will focus on ensuring state-of-the-art aviation technologies to solidify its position as an avionics leader to expand its production capacity.”


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