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Huneed Technologies celebrates first batch delivery of HCTRS in a rollout ceremony - marks a major p

Huneed Technologies (Eugene Kim, Chairman / KOSPI 005870) announced that it celebrated a rollout of the company’s first batch of HCTRS (High Capacity Trunk Radio System) developed for the ROK Armed Forces’ next generation TICN (Tactical Information Communication Network) Program at the company’s headquarters in Songdo, Korea. With an approximate total budget of 5.4 Trillion Korean Won, the TICN program represents one of the largest military investments to date. The program will enable Korea’s military to operate under the theory of Network-centric Warfare in future battlefield environments. The aim of the TICN program is to seamlessly migrate to the new 3rd generation tactical communication system from the current 2nd generation SPIDER platform. When the TICN program is completed, the ROK Armed Forces will be able to leverage the use of networked technology to provide battlefield advantage based on shared real time information. Huneed Technologies was awarded the HCTRS mass production contract from DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) on December 31st 2015. Huneed Technologies’ HCTRS will play a mission critical role as the next generation wireless communication backbone of the ROK Armed Forces. The rollout ceremony represented a significant milestone in the company’s history as it represents a 184% year over year growth forecasted for 2016. “For the past 49 years, Huneed Technologies provided key tactical network equipment and systems to Korea’s armed forces. We are honored to continue this proud tradition by delivering the best in class technology and know-how to Korea’s latest military communication program. Huneed Technologies will ensure that the company will put in its utmost efforts to fulfill the requirement of the ROK military customers”, said Eugene Kim, Chairman of Huneed Technologies.


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