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Huneed Technologies, Signed a Contract with DAPA for New Remote Activation Munition System

Huneed Technologies (Chairman Eugene Kim/ KOSPI 005870, has announced that it has signed a mass-production contract for the New Remote Activation Munition System (RAMS) with Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) of Republic of Korea. The contract includes delivery of RAMS required until the end of year 2017 with contract amount of 12.9 billion won, which is equivalent to 32% of the last year’s annual sales revenue of Huneed.

The New Remote Activation Munition System that Huneed will be delivered to DAPA, is designed to detonate explosives via wireless signal transmitted from the transmitter to safely and effectively remove enemy facilities, artificial or natural obstacles, buildings, rocks and to be used in other missions. In particular, the New RAMS enables a two-way communication between Transmitter and Receivers where the previous version was unable to provide. It significantly increases the efficiency of military operations management as well as the survivability of operators in the fields.

Eugene Kim, Chairman of Huneed, mentioned that “Huneed will put in its utmost efforts to fulfill the requirement of the ROK military customers with this New RAMS. Also Huneed, based on know-how and technologies accumulated in the field of tactical communication, will successfully complete the next generation of Tactical Information Communication Network (TICN) program for the ROK military forces”.

Huneed Technologies with over 48 years of history since the establishment in 1968 has provided remarkable contributions to national defense of Republic of Korea by committing itself to design, develop, and manufacture core equipments in the range of HF, VHF, and UHF of military tactical communication. It has been and will be delivering the central nervous system of military communication infrastructure. Huneed is the only small and medium sized system integration company actively participating in the field of military tactical communication in Republic of Korea. It is under process of entering into a contract with DAPA for mass production and delivery of High Capacity Trunk Radio System (HCTRS) for TICN, which will be playing a pivotal role in implementing network centric warfare in the future battlefield environment.

Based on TICN production contract, Huneed will continue rapid growth through achieving average annual sales of 150 billion won.


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