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Huneed Technologies to Deliver 18.8 Billion (KRW) Increase for Batch-2 TICN Program Contract

[Incheon, South Korea] Huneed Technologies will manage mass production of the batch-2 Tactical Information Communication Network HCTRS (High Capacity Trunk Radio System) program, which has increased in contract value from 308.7 billion KRW to 327.5 billion KRW. The TICN program will replace the voice-oriented, analog network with a digital network capable of large-scale information distribution, as well as real-time integration of functional and operational battlefield elements, playing a key role in command, control, and communications. A leading local and international developer of tactical communications systems, Huneed has experience managing these complex systems and a reputation for meeting its customers’ various needs. With the current program underway, Huneed has consistently stepped up to deliver on contract modifications and unforeseen revisions by preparing conditions in advance and providing additional supply to meet a deadline for units scheduled to be created by the end of 2019. Huneed is currently encouraging an earlier production and contract delivery schedule for the batch-2 TICN contract. Additionally, Huneed consistently demonstrates its commitment to progress and innovation: following the culmination of batch-1 production, Huneed analyzed the results of various field tests (FT) with the goal of identifying opportunities to improve operability. Today Huneed is actively conducting discussions in preparation for the batch-2 program, and looking to deploy a technology plan for the TICN system that will evolve as the program progresses. “Today our program teams are working to deploy the HCTRS programs successfully,” says Huneed Technologies Chairman, Eugene Kim. “At the same time, we’re developing future technologies that will drive the next generation of communication systems in Korea.”


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