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Huneed Technologies to Lead Mass Production for Army Tactical C4I Batch-2 Upgrade Program

[Incheon, South Korea] Huneed Technologies announced Friday that it will lead mass production of the Army Tactical Command Information Systems (ATCIS) batch-2 upgrade program, in contract with Samsung SDS. Huneed, a leading local and international developer of tactical communication systems, will develop and modify the network-based equipment, which will go on to secure command control centers for frontline missions and operating personnel. With a total contract value of 14.4 billion won, 8% of the company’s previous year’s sales, the ATCIS batch-2 program opens the door to future projects as opportunities align in Technical Information and Communications (TICN) systems. Currently, Huneed is executing a High Capacity Trunk Radio Systems (HCTRS) contract. In the HCTRS program, all units and weapon systems are being networked to ensure real-time battlefield visibility and information distribution, dramatically improving operational capabilities. This batch-2 mass production will be expanded to the full extent of the TICN military communication network, serving not only the Army but also the Air Force and Marines. Even in the face of recent contract revisions, Huneed has proven that it is stable but agile, and capable of supplying additional units to its clients on time. From the beginning, Huneed has smoothly delivered on contract modifications by preparing conditions and additional supply, even pushing for an earlier production and contract delivery schedule for batch-two program. The quality of Huneed’s production processes and systems were recognized in October when the company was named Presidential Prize winner at the 2018 National Productivity Awards. “We were able to sign this contract thanks to the stability and success of our existing programs,” says Huneed Technologies Chairman Eugene Kim. “We look forward to playing a major role in the future development of communication systems in Korea.”


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