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Huneed Unveils First Metal 3D Printing Center for Aerospace Part Production

The Additive Manufacturing Technology Center will be operated in partnership with

3D Printing technology leader, EOS

Incheon, South Korea - On Tuesday, international aerospace and defense company Huneed Technologies unveiled its Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology Center for 3D printing in partnership with German company, EOS (Electro Optical Systems). The center’s focus on researching and developing cutting edge 3D printing technology for the aerospace and defense industry makes it the first AM center of its kind.

The opening ceremony was held at Huneed headquarters in Songdo, South Korea and was attended by EOS’ Bertrand Humel van der Lee (Chief Customer Operations Officer), aviation industry partners from Boeing, GE, KAI, and representatives from Incheon Metropolitan City and the Incheon Free Economic Zone.

This is the country’s first AM center to feature a 3D printer equipped with best-in-class quality assurance tools like full Optical Tomography and powder management equipment (IPCM-M Pro). The center will also feature ample research and presentation space, a full conference room, and private offices.

EOS, a global technology leader and innovator of holistic solutions in additive manufacturing, is well-positioned to supplement Huneed’s experience and reputation as a leading manufacturing partner.

Additionally, Huneed's connection to both the international and domestic aerospace networks will be a foundation for AM application in the rapidly growing aerospace parts market. The partnership and initiative are well-timed, with AM technology playing an increasingly important role in industry 4.0 and job creation through mass production.

Beyond the exploration of new markets for OEM part production, the formation of this center opens up endless project opportunities in partnership with the government, global airframers, as well as the fertile aviation MRO market.

“This cooperation with EOS is only the beginning,” says Chairman Kim. “Our goal is to grow beyond manufacturing, into a company that possesses and continuously deploys industry 4.0 technologies.” “Active investment in new growth areas like 3D printing will strengthen our position in the global aviation market and keep us competitive as we pursue innovative solutions and growth.”

“Huneed’s experience and reputation as a trusted global supplier to companies like Airbus and Boeing gives us confidence in their capabilities,” says EOS’ Bertrand Humel van der Lee. “They are an ideal partner in the mission to expand AM technology in the global aviation market.”


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