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Military Deploys Remote Wireless Demolition Set

Huneed Technologies delivers the final shipset of remote- wireless demolition sets to the ROK Armed Forces.

Huneed Technologies (CEO Shin Jong-Seok /, KOSPI 005870)

announced that it has completed the contract implementation to supply the remote wireless demolition set to the ROK Armed Forces. Huneed signed a first mass production contract in October 2014 followed by second mass production long-term contract in December 2015 to be concluded by 2017.

Huneed has completed the project on-time, and on-quality thus allowing the ROK Armed Forces including Special Operations Forces to successfully field this device into service.

The remote wireless demolition set can control the device through bi-directional communication with the transmitter and receiver, thus improving the survival rate of the operator at the remote distance and greatly contributing to the efficiency of military operations. In addition, the size and weight of the device has been greatly reduced comparing with old model to enhance convenience and the explosion-related function has been added to provide better mission performance.

The remote wireless demolition set delivered is to be used to ensure effective mission execution, such as the destruction of enemy command posts and target facilities as well as the enhancement of Engineering Corp operation.

Mr. Shin Jong-seok, CEO of Huneed, said, "We are honored to be able to contribute to the enhancement of our military special operation capability with this remote wireless demolition set developed and delivered by Huneed. We have successfully performed both operational test and field test evaluations and, perfectly completed this project without any delay in delivery. We will take this achievement to be recognized again for the technology superiority accumulated in the tactical communication sector for the past 49 years and lastly, continue our roles and contributions on ROK national defense.

Huneed has signed another contract on 20th December with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration regarding the TICN’s (Tactical Information Communication Network) HCTRS (High Capacity Trunk Radio System) of 309 billion won for the second mass production delivery.


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